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They prefer man-made hives to wild tree trunks.
A quel cadeau pour la maitresse de mon fils Corinthian capitol with a Buddha at its center, 2nd century, Surk Kotal, Afghanistan.
Wine-drinking and music, Hadda, 1st-2nd century.
Some of the museum's artifacts were collected from Southeast Asia by French authorities during the colonial period.In June 1965 the French periodical Abeilles et Fleurs printed the same remark ascribed to Einstein concours de la fonction publique cote d'ivoire while acknowledging La Vie des Bêtes: Et Einstein, le grand Einstein, a calculé que si toutes les abeilles du monde étaient exterminées, il ne faudrait pas plus de quatre.Maeterlinck provocatively suggested that we owed our civilization to the bee, and some readers may have concluded that the extinction of the bee would lead to the collapse of civilization: You will probably more than once have seen her fluttering about the bushes,.Standing Buddha, ancient region of Gandhara, northern Afghanistan, 1st century.Because this task is difficult and the available information is fragmentary this entry is lengthy.During a 1994 demonstration by beekeepers in Brussels, pamphlets with the saying credited to Einstein were disseminated: Crops such as apples, pears, beans and oilseeds need bees for pollination.Most of the living things mentioned in this passage and the style of reasoning were based on Darwins analysis: The safety of England depends on the number of cats she keeps.
Details are given further below.Alice Calaprice, the editor of the important collection The Ultimate"ble Einstein, placed the saying in the Probably Not by Einstein section of her reference.Of course, any errors in this post are the responsibility.In May 1965 a French periodical about nature and animals called La Vie des Bêtes et lAmi des Bêtes stated that Einstein had calculated a grim four year time limit for humanity if bees disappeared.In 1908 the textbook Animal Life spoke of the deep dependence of agriculture and human civilization on bees: The history of flowers would almost be a blank, but for the Prosopis and her vast following; a hundred thousand varieties would disappear if the bees did.The assertion that 100,000 varieties of plants were dependent on the ministrations of the bee for continued existence was spellbinding, and it has been regularly repeated for more than a hundred years.The"tion with a four year deadline for humanity is of uncertain origin.Yet we are almost totally dependent on a measly little flying insect.Maeterlincks reputation grew when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1911.

In 1962 the viewer of an educational film titled City of Bees commented on the danger to mankind if the bee disappeared: If some catastrophe destroyed all the bees on our planet, some 100,000 species of plants would disappear and man would be hard put.
Note this question and reply did not concern bees; however, Einsteins letter did include a cascade of events that was reminiscent of some passages about bee extinction.
QI does not believe that Fortins ascription was deliberately deceptive.


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